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Dog Walking


Dogs are very sociable animals and are at their happiest when they have company. If they do not have company they may suffer from separation anxiety, this can be the case even if left alone for short periods of time. Having someone to walk your dog will help prevent this from happening.


Walks can be arranged for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and can be scheduled for multiple visits throughout the day should this be required.


We can arrange individual walks or walks with another dog. We do not offer group walks as we feel that we are giving your dog the best service by ensuring he/she has our full attention, whilst in our care.

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Pop-in Service


We offer a Pop-in service for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits or other small animals.



Visits include provision of fresh food and water, changing of litter trays, basic grooming ( brushing ), playtime and comfort breaks.


This service is ideal especially for puppies or elderly pets, that may require extra toilet breaks or medication administration ( Written consent is required for medication).



Although Cats and other pets are usually fine when left home alone, we would not recommend that dogs be left overnight.



You will be kept up to date after visits by one of our report cards that will have information on your pets activities during my visit or by email or text if preferred.

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